Engagement Date


The way it was...(video at the bottom)


Erika:   I thought I would eventually have to ask him.

Mark:   You gotta lock that down.

Erika:   I had no clue it was coming.

Mark:   Suprise is the key. Don't give them time to run away.

Erika:   I didn't even wonder when Mark had a meeting earlier in the day he was quite evasive about.  It was my Birthday so I told him I wanted to go with him to the meeting.  I suppose I should have wondered why he was at a mall for a "business" meeting.  And why he insisted on me not coming to the actual meeting. And why I saw him in the jewelry store.  But in my defense, there were very beautiful shoes distracting me everywhere!

Mark:   I have never told so many lies in one day.

Erika:   Then when I asked him why he was wearing his tux pants, and he said "I don't have anything clean."  But he said we were going to have dinner with my cousin!  I was so excited, I wasn't even thinking about what he was wearing.

Mark:  The highlight was going to pick up my tux shirt at the cleaners Erika had told me she had left it at...and finding it wasn't there.  It was still in her trunk; I had to go buy one and was late for the dinner.

Erika:  I was so excited at dinner to see my cousins.  Then we got to Atomic Ballroom and there were all these friends and family.  I thought it was the nicest surpise Birthday.

Mark:  I had been planning it for months...the rest you can see in the video.

Erika:  You should tell them what a Birthday Dance is.

Mark:  Yeah.  I couldn't take the chance that Erika wouldn't want to dance that night.  So I reminded her it was her Birthday dance.  At Atomic Ballroom, if its your birthday they play a song and everyone whose birthday was in the last week gets to dance with lots of people in one dance.  I knew the oppurtunity to dance with so many good dancers would entice her.  And to make doubly sure, I asked her cousin Gabriela to say that she would come dancing that night.  There was no chance on earth Erika would miss the chance to see her.

Erika:  And then they played our song, and I still didn't know what was coming.  You will have to watch the video to see how it played out.

Watch the video of the proposal and the priceless look on Erika’s face. Watch a larger version!